The new page in Greek-Libyan relations cannot be written on the old ones, Peloni says

File photo: PM Mitsotakis with his Libyan counterpart in Tripolis, Libya. ANA – MPA/PM PRESS OFFICE/DIMITRIS PAPAMITSOS

“The new page in Greek-Libyan relations obviously cannot be written on the old ones,” government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said on Wednesday in an interview with SKAI radio, referring to the prime minister’s visit to Libya.

“Libya wants to have a discussion with Greece about the delimitation of maritime zones and proposed the establishment of technical committees on this issue,” she added.

Stressing that Greece is “again picking up the thread” in its relations with Libya, she said that the starting point “must be honesty, dialogue and respect for international law.”

  • Referring to the Turkish-Libyan memorandum, she noted that the Greek side considers this void and nonexistent and said that it “casts a shadow on the bilateral relations between Libya-Greece, but also on Libya’s relations with the EU.”

She reminded that there are relevant European Council decisions on this and “there is therefore a European decision that must be taken seriously by the Libyan side as well,” adding that Mitsotakis went to Libya as Prime Minister of Greece, but also as head of an EU member-state.

Source: ANA – MPA

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