North Macedonia begins renaming state institutions, by the terms of the Prespes Agreement

File Photo: A man passes between Greece’s border stone and the new country name North Macedonia sign board, at the border crossing Bogorodica between North Macedonia and Greece. EPA, GEORGI LICOVSKI

SKOPJE (ANA/N. Frangopoulos) – The cabinet of the newly-named Republic of North Macedonia requested of 136 institutions and foundations that they change immediately their signage on the entrances to their premises, updating their names as stipulated by the terms of the Prespes Agreement signed with Greece.

  • Government spokesman Mile Bosnjakovski said on Wednesday that the cabinet, which met on Tuesday, also called on all institutions and foundations to update their digital information, including pages, logos and memos.
  • All agencies and government institutions funded by the central budget are obliged to change their signage from “Republic of Macedonia” to “Republic of North Macedonia”. Changes affect the descriptor of parliament and the titles of ministries as well.

Institutions using the term “Macedonian” in their name, such as the “Macedonian News Agency”, must switch to the term “national”. Thus, the national news agency and the national broadcaster will be renamed, respectively, “National News Agency” and “National Radio and Television”.

Source: ANA-MPA

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