It is the government’s priority to prevent pension cuts, assures digital policy minitser Nikos Pappas

File Photo: O πρώην υπουργός του ΣΥΡΙΖΑ Νίκος Παππάς. ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, ΝΙΚΟΣ ΑΡΒΑΝΙΤΙΔΗΣ

Minister for Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Nikos Pappas in an interview with ‘Documento’ newspaper on Sunday underlined the government’s priority not to cut pensions.

“The protection of the pensions is a strategic choice of the Greek government,” he said to the newspaper.
Asked on Defence Minister Panos Kammenos’ stance on the FYROM issue, he said that “the prime minister and the foreign minister are responsible for the foreign policy.”

On the possibility of a censure motion tabled by New Democracy, he estimated that no censure motion will be successful.

Source: AMNA

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