Visiting the Acropolis a totally new experience: Upgrading works in the Holy Rock

The project is expected to be delivered on December 3, 2020, together with the new, safe state-of-the-art slope lift/ ANA-MPA/Ministy of Culture & Sports Press Office/STR

“Improving the visiting conditions of the monuments at the Acropolis is a priority for the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

With the upgrading works of the services provided in the Acropolis, the Holy Rock becomes – for the first time – completely accessible not only to the disabled, but also to citizens with mobility or other health problems,” the ministry said in a statement.

“The project is expected to be delivered on December 3, 2020, together with the new, safe state-of-the-art slope lift, making he experience of visiting the Acropolis totally different,” it added.

  • The ministry has also attached two interesting links, concerning the paths at the Acropolis 1978 – 2020 ( and the ongoing work of the paths on the rock of the Acropolis (https: //

“The work of paving the paths is not treated as a simple maintenance procedure of the existing network, which was built at least fifty years ago with the construction and scientific criteria of that time. It is part of the study for the restoration of the terrain of the ancient sanctuary done by the academic and chairman of the Acropolis Monuments Preservation Committee Manolis Korre, the architect with the most complete knowledge of all the monuments on the Holy Rock,” the ministry underlined in its announcement and added:

“The configurations, horizontally and in terms of elevation, follow the archaeological data, restoring the ancient route of the Panathinaion Street. The visitor will for the first time have the same view that the ancient Athenians had. The Panathinaion road, which starts from the Propylaea and reaches the temple of Rome and Augustus, had been paved with concrete before in 1978 and was paved with the same material several times since then to repair advancing wear.”

Source: ANA – MPA


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