Greece-Qatar bilateral relations constantly improving, Abdulaziz Ali Al-Naama says

Qatari Ambassador Abdulaziz Ali Al-Naama. Photo via [email protected]

Qatari Ambassador Abdulaziz Ali Al-Naama, in an interview with the Athens-Macedonian News Agency (ANA) released on Wednesday, referred to the prospects of Greece-Qatar relations.

Specifically, he said that Greece-Qatar bilateral relations are constantly improving.

He underlined the importance of increasing the air links between the two countries in order to increase Qatar’s tourist flows, as well as implementing outstanding agreements and bilateral military cooperation.

He also noted that adding two new Qatar Airlines direct flights to Thessaloniki and Mykonos was a key factor for increasing the number of travelers to Greece. “Direct flights to these new destinations allow visitors to travel to the northern parts of the country and visit neighbouring areas easily and quickly,” he explained.

Source ANA – MPA

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