Peloni: Greater number of vaccines to arrive in Greece in April

File photo: Aristotelia Peloni said that the main opposition becomes once again part of the problem, not the solution. ANA – MPA/ANA – MPA/ALEXANDROS VLACHOS

“This morning Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis paid a visit to the Patission Health Centre in Athens, which is working as a vaccination centre, where he ascertained its excellent operation and thanked the staff for their services,” government spokesperson Aristotelia Peloni said at the online press briefing on Thursday.

She said that every passing week, a wall of immunity was being erected in Greece that will “allow us to put this ordeal behind us”. She also noted that, based on the latest scientific data, the National Vaccination Committee has also approved the AstraZeneca vaccine for those aged over 65.

“It is positive that in April are expected increased vaccine deliveries to Greece, as Pfizer has reaffirmed that the deliveries in April will exceed 1 million doses,” Peloni said.

The government spokesperson underlined that “equally important is that the Eleftheria [vaccination roll out] operation, the largest and most complex operation the Greek state has ever undertaken, is progressing smoothly and in an exemplary fashion, without significant vaccine losses.

Up to date, those getting the vaccine, the majority aged over 75, are satisfied with the way the vaccination mechanism is working.

Referring to the latest surge in the pandemic, she said: “Unfortunately, as happened in other coutries but at higher levels, a worrying surge of the pandemic is being observed throughout the country and this is chiefly attributed to the mutations.”

She said that, starting from Thursday, the government has tightened the restrictive measures for curbing the spread of the virus. The new wave has also increased pressure on the National Health system, especially in Athens’ hospitals.

Peloni made an appeal to the public to “be take additional precautions so that these measures will become unnecessary very soon.”

Concluding, Peloni referred to the earthquake that shook the region of Thessaly on Wednesday, saying that there was an immediate mobilisation of the state mechanism and adding that the state will implement support measures for the stricken areas immediately.

Source: ANA – MPA

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