PM Mitsotakis: Turkey’s behaviour blatantly violates international law

It is a behaviour which often violates UN Security Council and EU decisions, PM Mitsotakis said. ANA – MPA/PM PRESS OFFICE/DIMITRIS PAPAMITSOS

“The timing of this trilateral meeting coincides with the additional perils that Turkey’s leadership is, unfortunately, creating in the Eastern Mediterranean. It is fantasising about imperialist practices with belligerent acts, from Syria to Libya and from Somalia to Cyprus, from the Aegean to Caucasus.

“At times by drawing arbitrary maps or by signing void memoranda or by passing unfounded domestic laws on issues governed by international law. Chiefly, however, by accompanying all the above with successive unilateral provocations framed by an extreme and often hostile rhetoric. We agreed that it is a behaviour that blatantly violates international law and questions international treaties while, in parallel, it undermines regional security, which all three countries are working hard for.

“It is a behaviour which often violates UN Security Council and EU decisions. An attitude that creates problems for the Northatlantic Alliance and is a behavour that is contrary to the express positions of very important countries, such as the USA, Russia, the entire Arab World and all the neighbouring countries,” Mitsotakis said, in a joint statement after the end of the works of the 8th Cyprus-Egypt-Greece Summit on Wednesday in Nicosia.

Source: ANA – MPA


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