Decision for mandatory use of face masks in all indoor public places published in Government Gazette

File photo: Απαγόρευση λιτανειών και εμπροπανηγύρεων ενόψει Δεκαπενταύγουστου απαγορεύονται. ANA-MPA/Pantelis Saytas

The government’s decision for the mandatory use of face masks in all indoor public places between August 1-31 has been published in the Government Gazette.

Eating places, people with medical issues – such as difficulties breathing – or children under 3 years of age are exempted from the mask-wearing measure, as are hairdressers’ establishments and beauty parlors if facial care is performed.

In addition, restrictions are imposed on visits to retirement homes, facilities for vulnerable people, refugee centers and hospitals (to Aug. 15), excepting people accompanying patients, while ceremonies for life events such as baptisms, marriages and funerals are restricted to 100 people each (Aug. 3-15), keeping social distancing.

This coming week in particular (August 3 to 8), nightclubs, bars, live-music venues, bar-restaurants, cafes and such may only allow seated clients, not standing-room only. Recommended social distances must be observed at beaches, and public and private boats, throughout the month of August, while all open-air events, including saints’ festivals, are banned until August 31.

In addition, the suspension of air and land connections with Turkey, Albania and North Macedonia is extended to August 15. Also extended to August 15 are the requirements for visitors who enter Greece via Promahonas border station to have tested negatively over the last 72 hours prior to entry, and the same is true for air passengers from Bulgaria, Romania and the United Arab Emirates.

Anti-coronavirus curfews and group exodus restrictions at all refugee accommodation facilities and hotspots nationwide are extended to August 31. Effective since March 23, the curfews restrict to and from movement from facilities to the hours between 07:00 and 21:00, with a maximum 150 refugees allowed to leave per hour, and that in groups of no more than 10 people.

Meanwhile, intensive checks for the diligent observance of preventive measures against the coronavirus were on Saturday launched by the regular and traffic police and the Coast Guard.

Some 655 inspections were carried out on city buses in Attica on Saturday, with 11 violations for not wearing a mask confirmed and the violators fined each 150 euros.

In addition, traffic police located 6 long-distance coaches (KTEL) at the toll booths of Afidnes and Elefsina with a large number of passengers – above the allowed capacity for social distancing.

Finally, a 1,500-euro fine was filed against the temporary organizer of a concert by popular Greek singer Sokratis Malamas, which was held on Friday night in Kavala, with attendees exceeding the allowed 1,000 safety mark.

Source: ANA-MPA


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