Foreign ministry: Turkey is making an ill-advised attempt to falsify history

File photo: ANA-MPA

The foreign ministry, in a statement on Wednesday, accused Turkey of making “an ill-advised attempt to falsify history,” in response to an announcement issued by the Turkish foreign ministry the previous day.

At the same time, it called on the neighbouring country to come to terms with its history, so that events like the genocide of the Greeks of Pontus will never be repeated.

“Historical truth, self-criticism and abandonment of revisionism are prerequisites for a good-faith dialogue and the fight against the extremism of nationalism, for the reconciliation of peoples and states and their peaceful coexistence,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

“Eleftherios Venizelos chose this political stance when he nominated Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize. And this remains a significant part of the important legacy left behind by the great Greek politician, for Greek-Turkish relations but also beyond them,” the ministry statement said.

“Turkey, by contrast, chooses to once again make a ill-advised attempt to falsify history, ignoring that it must, like all of us, admit the historical truth.”

“Everyone must come to terms with their history so that events such as the genocide of Pontic Hellenism are never repeated,” the foreign ministry concluded.

Source: ANA – MPA

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