A Letter to President Donald Trump’s fanatic Supporters: America is Faced with Multiple Dilemmas

US President Donald Trump (R) salutes on the South Lawn of the White House upon his return from Michigan, in Washington, USA, 21 May 2020. EPA, YURI GRIPAS / POOL


It wasn’t the media nor the Democrats who brought the virus to America.  Even if the Chinese are responsible for the virus, either by accidentally releasing it or creating it by design, the pandemic crisis in the United States–and how it has unfolded– is still the responsibility of the president, and his intelligence, to figure out a strategy and act upon it!

If he was played and/or outsmarted by the Chinese communist leader, it speaks volumes about your favorite son, the man that you voted for to rule the nation!

Post World War II American presidents and their administrations worked hard and fought to create alliances to defend against the common enemy (communism, fascism, terrorism, etc).

America has spent billions, over the last 75 years, to protect and expand America’s interests worldwide, unless you believe all previous administrations, both Republican and Democrat, were traitors, naive, and stupid.

  • Meanwhile, your chosen leader has attacked every ally, every democratic country, and their leaders, causing instability and mistrust and exhibiting a total lack of understanding and comprehension of the subtleties of the world’s socioeconomic balances.

Has it ever crossed your minds why this leader is praising America’s enemy number one, a former KGB spy and dictator of the Russian totalitarian regime?

Abandoning the Kurds to the mercy of Turkey (a NATO ally) and its dictator Erdogan, who also purchases missile defense systems from Russia without any consequences from the United States.

Common denominator for Turkey and Russia: Hundreds of millions in business investments by Trump.

Which bring us to today!  Covid-19 originated in China and slowly but surely spread throughout the world affecting the USA last!

It would be logical to assume that America with all its might would have been fully prepared to deal with the pandemic.  We all know what our current government did, or rather didn’t do, which resulted in the following: the largest number of reported cases by far (1.5 million), the most deaths (90,000), and the numbers keep growing.

Here are more interesting facts.  Among all industrialized, developed nations in Asia, Europe and America, the USA is the only country opening its economy without meeting the criteria that its own government set!  Now they have realized they screwed up royally (they won’t admit it of course) on controlling the virus and are trying to play catch up!

  • Here’s the problem: Playing catch up, while thousands die daily and tens of thousands of new cases appear, provides no assurances to the citizens (at least the ones with thinking ability) that they can restart their lives and send their kids to school safely. I bet that even his followers (excluding the brain dead) will think twice before doing so, unless they see a substantial decline in cases and deaths.

America is faced with multiple dilemmas:  Peoples’ health and lives, unprecedented unemployment, and an economy in recession/depression.

Here’s what we should be concerned with:

–Our administration is desperate, not a good sign.

–Our administration didn’t use facts and reality to take necessary steps to protect the citizens of the U.S.A. in a timely fashion.

–Even now there is no strategy. The administration operates on impulse. It contradicts itself daily, causing more confusion instead of offering clarity.

–Lastly, your favorite son’s inability to prioritize and his unwillingness to see what’s important for our nation. He is allowing China to emerge as the new dominant superpower.

The enemy of our nation is not the media, the liberals, the African Americans, the native Americans, the Latinos, the Asians, the undocumented immigrants, or the Democrats.  The enemy is within the minds, hearts, and souls of Trump’s fanatic followers, who don’t want to accept how this nation was created! (Purely by immigrants who came from around the world, or were forcibly brought here, and native Americans who survived.) This is not a white’s man country, never was, never will be. The ones who dream of this (but do not admit it) should leave behind their pathetic, immoral, unconstitutional, wishful thinking and accept what America is all about.

  • Let’s work towards creating a true unity, with respect to one another, so we can battle the common enemy now and always. This should be our only objective.

My name is John Kalafatis, an immigrant, Homo sapiens. Skin color: last I checked, beige (when I’m exposed to the sun, tan).

John Kalafatis. Photo via Facebook

*John Kalafatis is the founder /co-founder and CEO of the following companies:

– York Studios – New York City-based film production facility and affiliate film production company, York Films.

– Andromeda Advantage Inc. (“Andromeda”) is the construction industry’s premier professional services firm.

– Andromeda Community Initiative [ACI]: ACI is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that provides professional development opportunities, free educational and workforce development programs, and job-related training that prepares students for gainful employment in the construction and building restoration industry.

– The Skyline Charitable Foundation: It was established in 2014 to serve as a channel for proceeds to be spread among multiple charities, which gives the supporters the freedom to allocate their donation according to their preference.

– RAP4BRONX (Relief Access Program for the Bronx). RAP4BRONX collects and donates food meals, groceries and essential supplies to help frontline workers, families, seniors and vulnerable residents in the Bronx, NY area.

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