We do not invite any economic migrant to Greece, government spokesman Petsas says

File Photo: O κυβερνητικός εκπρόσωπος, Στέλιος Πέτσας . ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, Παντελής Σαίτας

“We do not invite any economic migrant to come to the country” stated government spokesman Stelios Petsas adding that those that will ‘invest’ money to come to Greece by traffickers will lose their money because they will be sent back.
Until the end of 2020, 10,000 migrants not entitled to asylum will be sent back to Turkey, he said speaking on Saturday to TV Open.

He also said that only 1,800 migrants were sent back to Turkey in the last four years.

On the unaccompanied children he said that there is a proposal to EU countries for these children to be allocated but only two countries have accepted up to now, among them Ireland.

Those foreign nationals with a refugee profile will be transferred to hotels or other facilities in the mainland while the economic migrants will be transferred to closed facilities and pre-departure centres.

Referring to reductions on pensions and on tax free threshold, he clarified that those receiving supplementary pensions lower that those entitled will receive them corrected as of October 4, according to the Council of State’s ruling. He explained that the government expects the whole decision of the Council of State on the pensioners back pay adding that if it concerns 10-month back pay then they will be given in installments. In case of higher amounts, the government will decide without setting at risk the country’s fiscal targets.

Petsas said that the new insurance system, that the government aims to be tabled until the end of 2019, will be linked with the Council of State’s decision to correct the, as he called it, “Katrougalos monstrosity”.

On the social dividend he said it will derive from the surpluses adding that it has not been decided yet where it will be granted and explained that everything will be judged at the end of November when the course of the state revenues will be clear.

Source: ANA – MPA

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