Pavlopoulos: When it comes to the defence of peace and democracy, hesitations or delays are not allowed

President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos at Pylos. APE-MPE, Nikitas Kotsiaris

President of Republic Prokopios Pavlopoulos on Sunday sent messages to “the major forces of our times and first of all to our huge European family, the European Union” and to Turkey in his address during the events held in Pylos for the 192nd anniversary from the Battle of Navarino.

Specifically, referring to the major forces Pavlopoulos noted that “this message lies in the fact that when it comes to the defence of peace and democracy through the relevant implementation of the international and the European laws, hesitations and delays are not allowed”.

These situations, said Pavlopoulos undermine the peace, dissolve the democracy and marginalise the man and his fundamental rights. “So, the major forces, and especially the European Union, due to its global role, should intervene at any time, in time and effectively, to safeguard the total respect to the international and European law”.

Referring to Turkey, Pavlopoulos said that “today from Pylos, we send a message to our neighbour Turkey that for us the past does not teaches us the division and the revenge but the need to consolidate the friendship and the peaceful co-existence. But, this requires from Turkey to fully respect the total of the international and European law, let alone when its European prospect depends on this respect”.

Finally, Pavlopoulos underlined that “we Greeks, if necessary, will impose the total and sincere respect to the total of the international and European law with the support of our allies in NATO and of our EU partners and we will do it on conditions of solid unity as we have proved every time we have been called to defend our national rights”.

Source: ANA-MPA

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