Pyatt stresses US intention to do everything in its power to support Greece’s economic growth

File Photo: US Ambassador in Athens, Geoffry Pyatt. Photo: ANA – MPA

US Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt stressed the US government’s intention to do everything in its power to support Greece’s economic growth, during a press conference on Tuesday.
“The United States remains fully committed to supporting Greece’s full economic recovery,” Pyatt said, emphasising the new Greek government’s “laser focus on cutting through red tape and pushing through investment-friendly reforms.”

  • In this context, he said that he is more optimistic than ever about the opportunities presented to American investors and American partnership with Greece going forward, including in the emerging knowledge-based and innovative sectors of Greece’s economy.

“And as you know, much of our programming at TIF last year aimed to create a supportive environment for the Greek startup sector jointly with our partners from the Ministry of Digital Technology. And in this regard, I’m absolutely delighted that Minister Pierrakakis decided to sustain the Ministry’s support for a special pavilion which is the umbrella for our engagement at TIF 2019,” he said.

The US ambassador to Greece noted that the markets had shown that the Greek prime minister and his government were well received and underlined the US shares the Greek prime minister’s goal to proceed not only with mutual fund investors but also real business activity.

As he said, there have never been better opportunities than those today.

He pointed out that the 2018 TIF, where the U.S. was the honoured country, has “helped to set a new tempo for our bilateral relationship, and it invigorated our collaboration across the board.”

In particular, he noted that the progress made at last year’s TIF and its landmark success had “elevated the whole of the U.S.-Greece relationship to a new level and inspired us to continue investment in this partnership” and to build up Greek-American cooperation to a high level of success, and to “elevate our bilateral relations to a new level, expanding and deepening our ties.”

In addition, he expressed the US government’s desire to build on the positive momentum that exists since last year’s TIF at all levels of bilateral relations, from energy, commerce, security, defence, education and culture, ahead of the next U.S. – Greece Strategic Dialogue to be held in Athens in October.

He said, for example, that the United States continues to support Greece’s efforts to become a regional hub for energy security in the region, and added that he looks forward to participating in the next energy forum in Thessaloniki on Friday.

Pyatt also announced that the U.S. was co-sponsoring the 4th Global Agripreneurs Summit to connect the Thessaloniki Fair with the theme of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, the preeminent gathering of entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, which the U.S. co-hosted with the Netherlands in June.

“The Agripreneurs Summit will include public events, a trade expo, and a competition for agri-food companies-all to help our Greek partners take the next step forward in this critical and historic sector to the benefit of the Greek economy,” said, thanking Greek Agriculture Minister Makis Voridis for his support.

“All of these advances that we have registered since TIF 2018 are part of our vision to build on the high-level success of the U.S.-Greece relationship and take that relationship to the next level, expanding and deepening our ties.  Our renewed presence at the Thessaloniki International Fair is just one more way that the United States is enhancing and sustaining its engagement in northern Greece,” the U.S. Ambassador said.

Source ANA- MPA

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