Fire in Εύβοια. Πηγή:

Major wildfire raging on Evia: Two villages ready to be evacuated

A wildfire that broke out early Tuesday in a forest on the island of Evia is in full progress. The blaze is burning a wildlife refuge that is included in the Natura programme.

A few while ago, the fire brigade said to the residents of the villages Stavros and Kondodespoti to be ready to abandon their villages for precautionary reasons as the strong winds blowing in the area are pushing the blaze towards the direction of the villages.

“The residents of the villages Stavros and Kondodespoti are ready to evacuate the villages when we give the order” stated to Athens-Macedonian News Agency the vice governor of Evia Fanis Spanos. He also said that “the conditions for the time being do not allow us to be optimistic. There are very strong winds blowing in the area and is burning a pine forest and despite the huge effort of the firefighting forces the fire is uncontrollable. We have lot of work ahead of us” he said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Dirfion-Messapion Giorgos Psarras said “that the fire broke out a few while after 3 in the morning at an easily accessible site to anyone”.

Source: ANA-MPA

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