Greece’s new parliament is sworn in: ND’s proposal for president Konstantinos Tasoulas

Greek orthodox priests with Greek lawmakers attend a swearing in ceremony for the new members of parliament at the Greek Parliament, in Athens, Greece, on 17 July 2019. EPA, ORESTIS PANAGIOTOU

The 300 deputies of the 18th session of the Hellenic Parliament were sworn in on Wednesday with three successive oaths – two religious and one secular.

Afterwards, Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece and members of the Holy Synod conducted the traditional blessing.

  • The proceedings started with the swearing-in of MPs on the Bible, conducted by Archbishop Ieronymos, followed by an oath on the Quran for the parliament’s three Muslim MPs and, lastly, a secular affirmation for the MPs that preferred this option.

Presiding over the plenary was SYRIZA MP and second vice-president in the previous parliamentary session, Giorgos Varemenos, based on parliament rules stating that parliament is presided by the top-ranking parliament vice-president of the previous session that is re-elected.

  • The new parliament has a total of 61 women from all six parties and 112 new MPs that are elected to parliament for the first time.

New Democracy holds 158 seats, main opposition SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance has 86, Movement for Change (KINAL) has 22, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has 15, Greek Solution has 10 and MeRA25 (DiEM25) has nine.

  • After the swearing-in ceremony, Varemenos called the MPs to elect the body’s new president on Thursday, July 18.

Ruling New Democracy has announced that it will propose Konstantinos Tasoulas for the position of parliament president.


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