Greece’s sustainability of economy and growth “on a much better track”, IMF spokesperson says

File Photo: The emblem of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Greece is on “a much better track” in terms of the sustainability of its economy and growth, International Monetary Fund (IMF) spokesperson Gerry Rice said on Thursday, commenting that this was the result of the reforms implemented in Greece until now.

Asked whether the “weak payment discipline” cited in the IMF recent report on Greece is a cultural trait or the legacy of the crisis, Rice replied by praising the efforts made by the Greek people and Greek authorities to overcome the crisis.

“The credit for this [improvement] goes to the Greek authorities and the Greek people. I think they have shown great persistence and patience in promoting these reforms… I would like, therefore, to congratulate the Greek people for the efforts made in recent years to tackle the depth of the crisis before them,” Rice said.

He also reiterated that the early repayment of IMF loans was a decision that will be made by Greek authorities but that this step must be taken in consultation with the other official creditors in the cases where this is recommended. Rice acknowledged, however, that this could reduce the overall cost of borrowing for Greece.

Source: ANA-MPA

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