The Prespes Agreement is an outstanding achievement, Udo Bullmann says

Udo Bullmann (L), Chairman of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament spekas with Guy Verhofstadt (R), leader of the ALDE Liberal group at the European Parliament, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France

BRUSSELS (ANA/CH. Vassilaki) – The implementation of the Prespes Agreement will “open new opportunities for both sides”, leader of Socialists and Democrats group in the European Parliament Udo Bullmann said on Saturday, in an interview with the Athens and Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

Bullmann said that the vast majority of the Socialists and Democrats supported the Prespes agreement from the beginning, and added that its implementation is “an outstanding achievement”.

“We thank the Prime Ministers Tsipras and Zaev for enabling this compromise as well as the parliamentarians who voted for it. With the implementation of the agreement, the relations between the two neighbouring countries can finally start to normalise,” Bullmann noted.

Finally, he criticised the stance the European People’s Party adopted on the matter, saying that “the EPP… claim to be pro-European as well – we would appreciate if they acted accordingly”.

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Source: ANA-MPA

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