Hair-raising stories of atrocities by the invading Turkish Army troops in Cyprus, in 1974: they cut ears, drunk blood, raped,…

File Photo: Γυναίκες – μέλη του κατοχικού στρατού της Τουρκίας παρελαύνουν μπροστά στον ψευτο-πρόεδρο, Ακιντζί, την ημέρα της μαύρης επετείου για την παράνομη και άνανδρη εισβολή της Τουρκίας στην Κύπρο – EPA, ANDREAS MANOLI


The decision by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in 2014, for 90 million € compensation has not been carried out yet. Turkey has yet not paid the amount. What kind of a case was this? It concerned the missing persons in Cyprus.

The Greek Cypriot side has gone to the ECHR in Strasbourg. The Court agreed to hear the case in 1996 and issued a decision in 2001. But it had not made public the level of compensation. This was made public just five years ago (2014). Ninety (90) million euros! This money will be given to families of Greek Cypriots missing. But, as we already stated, Turkey still does not pay.

  • The issue of missing persons is one of the festering wounds of Cyprus that have not healed, instead they are still bleeding. The Missing Persons Investigating Committee (MPIC) that was set up in 1981 has found the remains of only 980 of the 2002 officially missing and has delivered their remains to their families.* The investigations continue at a slow pace, while very many of the murderers are alive, no one forces them to appear before the committee and provide evidence or information.

Not even the man who boasted, while looking us straight in our eyes through television and saying “my special skill was to kill Greek Cypriot prisoners of war”. There is also a further point: no information is provided regarding the conditions under which the missing persons whose remains have been found, were killed. For some reason an agreement was made when the committee was established. In the island barbaric stories circulate from mouth to mouth that are horrifying. And all of a sudden we have an official from Turkey saying that “If Turkish Cypriots raped Greek Cypriot women and girls that is your own internal affair, do not blame us”. He places all of the blame on the Turkish Cypriots.

That is, the Turkish Army that came over from Turkey is innocent. All acts of barbarism that took place, they were the doings of Turkish Cypriots! I am not saying that we Turkish Cypriots did not do anything, but sir, you cannot cover up the fact that your own soldiers did much more. And since you do not have an idea, I will tell you myself. You had a known prison in Diarbakkir. A hell hole similar to that of Abbu Graib in Iraq. There, where you were feeding excrement to all. You would dip the prisoners into shit and then take them out.

  • Have a look at what witnesses say when they describe their tortures there: “the convicts were crowded into cells, and were showered with raw sewage, some convicts were fed rats and human excrement, and they were tortured so that they would rape each other in their cells”. In that prison there was one commanding officer, a captain named Essat Oktay Gildiran. In 1974, he was also in Cyprus. In the operation that some call “peace operation” and I call “rape operation”.

Look how he was boasting to the prisoners at Diarbakkir: “In the war of 1974 we conducted an operation against a Greek Cypriot village. I drunk the blood of a Greek Cypriot boy whose head I had cut. Even if I drink your own Kurdish blood, I will still want more”. There are also testimonies of other soldiers who were sent to Cyprus during the operation of 1974.

For example, Yialtsin Kuçuk, who subsequently became a known professor, researcher and writer. Read below how he relates all that was told to him by a military commander named Netziati. This commander never forgot a rape that was committed in front of his eyes. Every time he talks about this, he cries, as he says. A Greek Cypriot woman in the village of Tymbou was raped in the presence of her mother and her child, he says. By two persons. Kuçuk also tells one more story. He does not remember the name of the village.

  • It was, he says, a village full of cypress and eucalyptus trees. He says the following: “Suddenly, I heard shots nearby and I saw two soldiers. They were shouting with pride. ‘I killed her, commander, I killed her’. I walked to the place they were pointing at with their fingers. A young woman was staring at the ground moaning. Her hands were tied behind her back and her legs were open. Blood and white fluid were running between her legs. They emptied their pistols on the woman’s belly. The fluids running from her belly had dried on her bare and wounded genitals.”

This was committed by your soldiers, Mr. Turkish official, who were not even capable to be as animals are. Turkish soldiers. And you demand that we apologize because we called you a barbarian? Go ask your own soldiers first, who cut the head of a Greek Cypriot young boy and drunk his blood. Apologize for the abominable acts of your soldiers who emptied their bullets in the belly of that young woman, after they raped her.

  • Some of them were cutting the ears of the Greek Cypriots they killed in order to prove to their parents their heroism in Cyprus. I our national holidays we are visited by veterans from Turkey. They are received in the presidential palace. When I look at them I always think. What did they do in this war? Is there among them someone who cut ears, drunk blood, or emptied his pistol in the belly of a woman he raped?

*Note: The author, as well as other journalists, have noted that in recent years instead of whole skeletons the families of the missing have been receiving just parts of a couple or so of bones, an indication that the dead were removed from the original burial site for reasons unknown, perhaps to hide evidence of torture of Greek Cypriot prisoners of war. To say nothing of the obvious humiliation handed to the families by the occupying Turkish army, the true governing body of the occupied part of Cyprus.


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