It is time to envisage a development-geared strategy to benefit the people, Tsakalotos said

File Photo: Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos attends Eurogroup Finance Ministers’ meeting at the European Council in Brussels, Belgium. EPA, STEPHANIE LECOCQ

It is time to discuss long-term strategies, Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said on Friday, speaking at the Athens-Macedonian news Agency (ANA) during an event organized by the Lesvos branch of SYRIZA .

These strategies should be geared towards development; should be the result of cooperation between the government, the local authorities and the civil society; and should preclude any “ return to days of crisis, such as those of 2015,” Tsakalotos said.
“ During times of crisis, whatever you do is always difficult. After the crisis, however, you have the time to discuss more permanent solutions… We are at that historical moment. The moment after the crisis. It is now necessary for every local community to take action so that this moment after the crisis can be of benefit to our people,” he added.
Talking about SYRIZA’s political opponents, Tsakalotos said that their mistake is that they do not believe their own rhetoric and they do not understand that SYRIZA has and always did have an economic strategy. This consisted in, first of all, overcoming the “ war-like economic conditions” the SYRIZA-led coalition inherited.
Tsakalotos then presented the government’s strategies for overcoming the crisis. “ We are government with a class bias,” he said, acting in favour of the less privileged classes. As an example, he cited the positive measures package of 910 million euros included in the budget tabled earlier in the week.

Source: ANA-MPA

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