The government’s intention is to table a budget plan that will not include pension cuts

File Photo: Greek flag flies between statues outside of the Athens Academy. ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ, ΟΡΕΣΤΗΣ ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΟΥ

The government’s intention is to table on October 15 a budget plan that will not include the cuts in pension and the offset measures, but will include the measures announced by the prime minister (Alexis Tsipras) in Thessaloniki International Fair, clarified a top government official speaking to the press in New York.

The same official said that the draft budget will record the Greek side’s intention and the estimate for the creation of a fiscal space regarding the implementation of the measures announced in Thessaloniki and always according to the commitment for a 3.5 percent primary surplus.

“ For me the most crucial is not the budget plan but the answers we will receive, the deliberations that will be held in the Commission and our final decision on the final budget plan that we will table in November” said the same source.

The top official explained that Greece will table the draft budget on October 15 to the European Commission along with all the other countries of the eurozone and afterwards the Comission will make comments, recommendations and corrections which will send to the Greek government in a short while and finally “ the Greek government will be the one to decide on the budget plan which will be tabled until November 20”.

Source: AMNA

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