Eurogroup president Mario Centeno. AMNA

“Eurogroup will review Greece’s progress and make final decisions” says Mario Centeno

The post-programme surveillance framework, the final loan tranche and the possible measures to ease Greece’s debt are the main decisions the Eurogroup will be asked to make on June 21, according to its president Mario Centeno.

Based on the Eurogroup agenda as posted on Twitter, the Greek issue is the first that will be discussed among the Eurozone finance ministers. More specifically, the programme is as follows:
“The Eurogroup will assess the progress made in Greece as regards the prior actions related to the fourth and final programme review. The review will allow finance ministers to make decisions about all the parameters that are necessary to ensure the successful completion of the programme in August.
These parameters have to do with the framework of the post-programme surveillance, the amount of the last tranche of ESM loans and possible debt measures. The Eurogroup has presented a list of debt measures in the June 2017 declaration.

The programme will expire on August 20, 2018.”

The agenda then states that “the Eurogroup will exchange views on the results of the consultation on Article IV that will be presented by the International Monetary Fund in the euro area. A little later, the IMF will publish its final report.”

Lastly, “this year, the IMF has focused on policies at national and European level, which aim to protect the eurozone economy from future shocks. The IMF conducts such consultations every year with all its members, both with individual countries and with monetary regions, including the euro area. This is in line with Article IV of the IMF agreement.”

The Eurogroup meeting will take place in a regular and inclusive format, with the participation of the finance ministers of all 27 EU member-states. The first part will be the regular meeting of euro area ministers, and will start at 16:00 (Athens time). The second part will begin at 19.30 (Athens time) and the ministers of the 27 EU member states will be involved, discussing the preparation of the June Euro Summit on deepening economic and monetary union.


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