‘Nefeli’ weather front to bring more strong rain and storms this week, meteo reports

On Monday, “Nefeli” will mainly affect the Ionian sea, western Greece, central Greece and the Peloponnese.Source: ANA-MPA

Greece can expect a new and extended bout of poor weather in the coming week, according to the Athens National Observatory’s meteo weather service.

The weather front has been nicknamed “Nefeli” and is expected to bring strong rain and storms – and possibly even hail – lasting until next Thursday.
Mainland areas will be the worst affected, especially in central, eastern and northern Greece, while problems will extend to the north and northeastern Aegean and the Sporades island group. Several areas are expected to see large quantities of rainful that may cause problems.
On Monday, “Nefeli” will mainly affect the Ionian sea, western Greece, central Greece and the Peloponnese, with less intense rainfall in Macedonia, Evia, Sporades and possibly Attica. Temperatures will not exceed 30C and, in areas where rain has fallen, will not go above 25-27C.
On Tuesday the phenomena will peak with strong rain and storms throughout the country, except the southeastern Aegean islands. Problems are expected to be most intense in Thessaly, the Sporades, Evia, Central and Northern Aegean before spreading to the north and east and possibly the western Peloponnese.
Temperatures are seen dropping throughout the country, especially in Thessaly where they will not exceed 20-22C. The severe weather is expected to also affect Attica and Athens, as well as Thessaloniki.
On Wednesday and Thursday the bad weather will continue, affecting mainly the Ionian sea and mainland parts of the country, while there may be some rain or storms on Crete. Temperatures will remain low for the time of year, except in the southeastern Aegean, with the weather improving from Friday.

Source: ANA-MPA

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