The contemporary artist Brigitte Polemis and her new collection “Platonic Solids” at artexpo NY

Three Dimensional Art (3D). The image is developping with different prints in multiple layers of plexiglass giving an illusion to the result. The faceless man in an embryo position in the center of the geometric shape of the platonic solid has a symbolic meaning of the connection in the universe. The use of colors gives a pop art character. Dodecahedron in paltonic solids corresponds to the element of cosmos.

Contemporary artist Brigitte Polemis is presenting her artwork in New York City at the 40th anniversary of the ”Artexpo, New York” at Pier 94.  The expo opens its doors to visitors on April 19th and runs through April 22nd, 2018.   

 At artexpo New York, Brigitte’s ”Platonic Solids” will be on display; in this collection the artist juxtaposes a faceless manikin within the space of each of the five Platonic solids, echoing a contemporary feel of “Vitruvian man”. Colors, shapes and the use of 3D to casting shadows combined with a hint of technology to come connect perfectly as a contemporary collection, or as stand-alone dignified, individual pieces.

“In my Platonic Solids Art Collection the human form within the geometric art acts as a unit which then repeats on itself, while the solids maintain their integrity and follow the rules of nature,” the artist says. “After all we are a microcosmic reflection of the macrocosm. Our body contains within it a holograph of all the information of the universe.” She is placing human beings, as essentially consciousness creatures, in the center, as they are the core to the Platonic concept of oneself.

Brigitte Polemis has a very particular style, she fluently combines figurative art, pop art and contemporary art with high aesthetics, minimal style and of course, her centerpiece–her “hero,” the young faceless manikin in a suit – a symbol of today’s society.  She employs multiple layers of clear plexiglass as a symbol of mass production and a transparent but cold mechanized world.

Each art piece is developed with plexiglass and is framed in a wooden box, resulting in three-dimensional art pieces that feature vivid colors, geometric shapes and the human form, placed always in the center as a special message that everything is connected in the universe.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet the contemporary artist Brigitte Polemis and to see her artwork in person. Each piece is eye-catching, stands out wherever it is placed and is quickly recognizable but unique, proving that Brigitte Polemis’ artwork has a “signature without being signed.”

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