Farmers to open Tempi Valley on Thursday evening

Αποχωρούν από τα Τέμπη οι αγρότες. ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ/ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ ΠΑΣΧΑΛΗ

The Athens-Thessaloniki motorway at Tempi Valley will open from 21:00 on Thursday until noon Friday following a decision of the members of the Thessaly farmers.

The farmers said that they will withdraw their tractors from the road in order to facilitate their colleagues from northern Greece to participate in the two-day protest rally that will be held at Syndagma square in Athens despite the fact that they will not take part in the rally.

However, the farmers are planning to block again the Tempi Valley at the hours the protest will peak. In any case, Tempi Valley will be open for many hours from Thursday night to Monday.

The farmers of the block at Tempi have sent their proposals to the prime minister as well as to all the party leaders and are waiting for their response in order for a dialogue to open. They have also clarified that the start of the dialogue based on their proposals can start after Monday when their colleagues’ protest in Athens is completed.

ΑΝΑ-MPA, Athens

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